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Jason Purdy

Love a good @AlienMovie and @Arsenal win. Formerly @StatMuse, @Apple, @SINow, @AP.

Rohan Katyal

PM at Yelp, Yahoo | Google Summer of Code, Inria, EMC2

Latest Posts

What’s the difference between product management and Candy Crush?

How to avoid the trap of data-driven product development

Counting is hard: the two biggest problems and how to fix them.

Massively improve how organizations deal with data and metrics by leveraging core Product Management skills.

Your “Culture Stack” is more important than your Tech Stack

Product and Engineering teams have important and distinct roles, but must work together to be successful. Your culture holds them together.

From Engineering to Product Management

Focus on finding the right problem rather than finding the right solution.

Product Manager: From Interviewee to Employee

Key TaUse a mental framework to tackle product design problems and evaluate multiple products you like and dislike.


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