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We're a blend of art, copy, video, and product design. We come from different backgrounds, but we share one passion as the Creative team - making compelling work for Zendesk.

Zendesk Creative

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Ethan Kanat

Writer, strategist and opinionated thinker. Lover of science, music, fancy bourbon and movies about the apocalypse.

Bob Galmarini

Sr. Director of Brand Design at http://slack.com . Previously http://zendesk.com . co-founder of http://neveandhawk.com .

Toke Nygaard

Chief Creative Officer at Zendesk. Ex-founder and creative director at Cuban Council, founder of K10k. I favor flødeboller over s'mores. Midtjylland for life.

Lauren Bernal

Copywriter at Zendesk. Lover of playlists, puns, and pickles.

Ryan Donahue

VP of Global Design at Zendesk. Trying hard to ask the right questions. http://t.co/ldxEHHnbec

Nick Levesque

Art Director | nlevesque.com | instagram.com/nicholaslevesque

Alexa Herasimchuk

Product Designer @Zendesk. Previously @Yelp. I want the world to be better because I was here. alexaleighh.com

Latest Posts

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Alexa Herasimchuk gives us a glance into her workstation

Creating Anna Florence. Our Corporate Puppet.

Hi! My name is Gabbi. And on my right is Anna Florence, Zendesk’s model employee. Let me explain…

I’m with the brand

The sweet sounds of the Zendesk brand voice

A story of how we tell (horticultural) stories

Storytelling. One of those terrible marketing buzzwords that come in and out of fashion. Our Chief Creative Officer (hey Toke!) will…

Whiteboard mysteries

How hidden messages can spark joy (or at least spark curiosity.)

Get in the (time)zone

Tips for building connections in a distributed design team

Something to snack on

Designing a metaphor for self-service

Taking turns leading the flock

Scaling the output of your design systems team without scaling the team

Inside and out — part two

Designing the objects that orbit your design system

Inside and out — part one

Determining what goes into your design system


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