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Kshitij Pandey

Design | Tech | Travel | Football

Mustafa Quilon

Digital Product Designer

Ramakrishna V

Head of Design - Avid Traveller - Creative Researcher - Photographer - CSS Fanatic

Latest Posts

Referrals: Back then, today & in the future

A brief history of referrals

Designing Zeta Suite’s Careers page to spark interest from top talent

The story of Zeta Suite’s Careers page and how it was built by collaborative efforts from HR team, Designers and Developers.

My journey from Fashion to UX

The story of realising that fashions fade, but usability is always in style!

Breaking the code: How did we build our Figma plugin?

Learn how Zeta Design built its first Figma plugin.

My Journey as a Product Designer at Zeta

Being a part of the Zeta Design team is all about learning, collaborating, and fun.

Our first dive into the world of UX explorative research

Learn how Zeta Design team took the first move to conduct UX research.

Organising Design Work in Figma — A Systemic Guide and Framework

For digital designers who want to organise their working files to improve clarity and collaboration within and across teams

The UX Writing Process in Tech — Demystified

UX writing is not just about words but is first about understanding, collaborating, analyzing, and then writing.

11 imaginative, fun and collaborative Figma activities to do with your team

Learn how Zeta uses Figma for fun and collaborative activities

Zeta Spotlight | Design journey of rewards and recognition product

Spotlight is designed for building a culture of appreciation that is done comfortably by the employees of organizations of all levels.


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