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Pranab Agarwal

Product Manager and Technology Enthusiast. ex-Microsoft and IIM Ahmedabad alumni


Co-Founder @zipBoardco. Love good design, UX, products. @zingbhavya

Latest Posts

Feature update: Review Video files with zipBoard

Manage your video files and get more done with zipBoard.

How the Cloud Complicates Data Quality (and How You Can Fix It)

With the advancement of Technology, cloud computing has been able to make a mark in numerous companies worldwide. It has got an array of…

The Complete Guide to Writing Up a Successful UX Proposal

Whether you’re working on a website, network, product or service, the user experience you provide is one of the most important…

How to Manage A Design Project?

Are you a creative team, exploring the right process to manage your design projects? Do you wish to improve your management strategy for…

Why do designers need project management tools

Are you a designer? Are you always struggling to keep your inbox in control? Are you the one who has to spend more time clearing the…

Best Practices — User Acceptance Testing

Is User Acceptance Testing the milestone stopping you? Are you struggling with validating end user needs? Do you wish to get better…

User Acceptance Testing(UAT)

What is UAT? Why is UAT important? When to conduct UAT and Who is responsible for UAT?

Tools for remote teams to stay connected

An exhaustive list of tools that help in all domains of remote collaboration

Bug tracking tools for small web development teams

Why small web development teams need a bug tracking system?


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