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Vanessa K. De Luca

Editor-in-chief of @zoramag @medium. Wife, mom, daughter, friend, community servant. IG: @Vanessa_KDeLuca

Latest Posts

The U.S. Census Doesn’t Speak for Me

When do I get to define who I am?

Confidence in a Lipstick Tube

How makeup empowers India’s younger generation

Midwives, Doulas and the Push For Better Care

Facing racism at hospitals, some women of color turn to home birth

Is Feminism Really for All Women?

Too often the unity we seek comes with conditions

What’s in a Name? Plenty.

I appreciate the effort to pronounce mine correctly

Let’s Declare 2019 the Year of the Black Female Comedian

We no longer have to play into stereotypes to be seen

A Virtual Reality Check

Video games can help others understand the lived experiences of people of color

The Birth of a Health Crisis

Racism is a key to the rise of maternal mortality for Black women

It’s Not Easy Keeping It Real

As a film critic of color, why shouldn’t I be allowed to express my honest opinion?

How Cannabis Keeps My Bipolar Condition in Check

After countless pharmaceuticals, this writer found a drug that works


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