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The concentration of economic power has led to spectacular investment returns.

As contrarians, we always ask when will it end and how will it end?

We are repeatedly asked, what is the weak link that will bring the U.S. economy down?

Although there are many possibilities, our vote right now is corporate debt.

How much longer can the debt-burdened consumer hold up the U.S. economy?

If the American consumer is Atlas — holding up “the greatest economy ever” — his legs are weakening under the strain.

The risks grow that the passive and algorithmic transformation of equity markets could lead to a…

The following article was originally published in “What I Learned This Week” on August 15, 2019. To learn more about 13D’s investment…

The growing threat of a corporate bond market meltdown.

“These things don’t happen overnight for companies. They happen overnight only for investors.”

Why ESG (environment, social, and governance) investing is a megatrend no asset manager can ignore.

Sustainability will emerge a key factor for algorithmically-determined market moves.

Where to invest in the next 10 years, 20 years and 30 years?

In our view, the answer unequivocally is emerging markets.

Is the paradigm that has defined investment returns for a decade coming to an end?

The cycle is turning from consolidation to diffusion.

As Baby Boomers downsize, an unprecedented generational unloading of houses looms on the horizon.

Is this one more sign the cycle of wealth accumulation is turning?

The ETF liquidity question: Can the passive universe hold up in the event of a market crisis?

Markets so dominated by ETFs have not been truly tested by a post-QE world.


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