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13D Research The latest from Kiril Sokoloff and the global 13D Research team — publishers of “What I Learned This Week.” 2,411
LTSE Blog Follow LTSE’s innovative approach designed to provide a new public markets experience for modern companies and investors committed to long-term success. 1,641
Venture Views Indo-APAC opinions, interviews and insights on entrepreneurship & finance. 75
Grey Swan Digital Price Sharing will provide all of the benefits of the $500 Trillion derivatives market to people that desperately need them, but are unserved by conventional markets. 37
Globacap Automated capital markets platform. Digital security arranging, issuance, administration, and custody. Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). 30
7 Chord 7 Chord’s award-winning proprietary engine BondDroid is used by institutional traders and investors to auto-price and auto-quote bonds. BondDroid was designed to identify and adapt its behavior to market regime changes, such as a global pandemic. 9