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The Key Challenges of Chatbot Development and Implementation

Businesses now can continuously remain in touch with customers without any human intervention. Customers also can seek help, make queries…

Most Innovative Chatbot on the Web

Starting from social media platforms to web-based applications, customer services to personal assistance chatbots have revolutionized the…

WHOIS Bot in Telegram. How Can It Benefit Business?

No business can succeed today without a website. But as is often the case, a smart name for the site can come to several people at once…

3 Ways Personalization Will Help Your Bot to Drive More Sales

Personalization is one of the biggest marketing trends in 2019 that has been driving the effort of businesses to make themselves more…

Chatbots: the six biggest advantages for your organisation

Many organisations would like to incorporate chatbots into their organisation, and it is only logical to want to know more about what this…

How to Create Your Own Facebook Messenger Chatbot Right Now

Chatbots can help you improve your overall customer experience. Here’s how you can create your very own Facebook Messenger bot…

Integrate Dialogflow chatbot with Skype channel

There are many communication platforms available today to integrate your chatbot with: Skype, whats app, slack, Facebook messenger…

Using a chatbot to find the ‘why’ in your customers' experiences

Recently, we at came in contact with a large tour operator who regularly asked their customers to rate them in three areas using…

Learn How AI Can Revolutionize Your Educational Business

Artificial Intelligence as the future of education is changing lives


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