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Top 10 Powerful Use Cases of Generative AI Chatbots in Call Centers

Powerful Use Cases of Generative AI Chatbots in Call Centers. Explore the impact of Generative AI chatbots in enhancing customer…

How LLMs are Revolutionizing Bot Creation

Hey AI Enthusiasts, welcome to my 7 part series on Designing and Developing Chatbots using LLMs.

Chatbot Conference Online 2023

Conference & Certified Workshops in Conversational UX

Integrating ChatGPT with React JS for Smarter Conversational Interfaces

As the world of technology continues to evolve, chatbots have become an integral part of many businesses, providing efficient and…

Create A Customer Service Chatbot Using ChatGPT — Code Included

ChatGPT has the enormous potential to personalize customer service interactions at scale. All you need is a detailed vision to serve your…

How to run LLaMA-13B or OpenChat-8192 on a Single GPU — Pragnakalp Techlabs: AI, NLP, Chatbot…

Recently, numerous open-source large language models (LLMs) have been launched. These powerful models hold great potential for a wide…

Chatbot on custom knowledge base using LLaMA Index — Pragnakalp Techlabs: AI, NLP, Chatbot, Python…

LlamaIndex is an impressive data framework designed to support the development of applications utilizing LLMs (Large Language Models). It…

Appointment Booking Chatbot using OpenAI Function Calling and GoHighLevel Calendar

OpenAI has recently launched a range of remarkable enhancements that have left users amazed. Among these additions, the OpenAI function…

Generative AI Chatbot in eCommerce: Use Cases, Benefits, and Statistics Behind

Generative AI chatbot for eCommerce: Statistics, main Use Cases and Benefits for Business to drive Customer Experience.


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