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Full Tutorial on How to Create and Deploy a Telegram Bot using Python

Bots are everywhere. It seems that only yesterday we did not even know about their existence; now we can barely imagine our life without…

How Human Agents and Chatbots are set to Enhance Customer Experience in Contact Centre in 2019

Gartner bets that AI is going to take care of all tier-one tasks related to customer interactions by 2020.

Creating a chat bot with Angular

Previously, I was able to create a chat bot using both Amazon Console and the Amazon CLI link found here . However, I wanted to implement…

Increase your list of acquired contacts using chat bot messenger in Facebook.

In this article, I’ll provide you with a step-by-step strategy which helps you to conquer the client's acquisition rate. I used this…

5 key features for your hotel chatbot

80% of businesses want to deploy a chatbot by 2020. Hence, it is important to know the key features for your hotel chatbot. Hospitality is…


What’s the fun in spending a huge chunk of money on a customer support team that struggles to provide customers optimal support other than…

10 Smart Ways For Guaranteed Direct Hotel Bookings In 2019

The $ 550 bn hospitality industry isn’t just one of the world’s fastest growing industry but also the one that is fighting the fiercest…

Learn Advanced Bot Building Patterns: Authentication and Hosting on SAP Cloud Platform

Did you ever wonder how you can take your bot to the next level?

The Depressive Bot

My infatuation with chatbots started back in college when I learned about Eliza. It was a natural language processing program created…


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