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Stefan Kojouharov

Founder of Chatbots Life. I help Companies Make More Money using Chatbots & AI and share my Insights along the way.

Latest Posts

Step-by-step guide: How to setup a Zendesk chatbot with ChatCreate.

In this guide we’ll cover step-by-step how to setup your own Artificial Intelligence chatbot for Zendesk Chat in a matter of minutes.

7 Reasons Why People Unsubscribe From Your Chatbot

Chat marketing is becoming the next BIG thing in marketing to help your business…

Why we dropped the Microsoft Bot Framework and became Rasa consultants

We switched to the Rasa platform so that our chatbots can run privately, on any infrastructure, and to gain contextual understanding

Learn How to Make a Chatbot Without Coding Knowledge

Chatbots are the future of customer interactions and engagement. Learn how to build one from scratch.

5 Ways Chatbots Can Change Wearable Devices Forever

Ever thought of talking smartwatch or headgear that works on the flick of an eye! sounds like science fiction right? How about giving it a…

Chatbots in Ride-Hailing Industry: How AI Powers Excellent User Experience

Artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly popular. More and more businesses are adopting AI approaches and implementing the use…

Top 5 AI Chatbots for WordPress

There are an estimated 75 million websites using the WordPress CMS across the world. WordPress is used in many different ways from simple…

How We Can Leverage GIS for AI Development

Geographic information system (GIS) data comes from interfaces that capture location or spatial data. It helps develop applications that…

Intelligent Automation with NLP to SQL API

Intelligent Automation as a service with NLP to SQL API in order to provide non-technical employees intuitive interface for the company…

Virtual assistant for Enterprises — Why should you think about it ?

The happy workplace is always the home of the productive workplace, filled with a lot of talent around. Millennials being part of this…


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