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Create chatbot using bot framework sdk and LUIS — Part 4

In the previous 3 parts we created a simple e-comm chatbot, we completed the create order conversation flow. Saved the order details in a…

Create chatbot using bot framework sdk and LUIS — Part 3

In Part-1 and Part-2 we created a basic e-comm chatbot and started creating ‘create order’ conversation flow. In this part we will be…

Voice Assistant “Kimi” starred as a Murder Witness in an Upcoming HBO max Film

HBO Max is ready to launch an intelligent AI-operated Voice Assistant, “Kimi” in an upcoming eponymous film. Angela Childs, played by Zoe…

Create chatbot using bot framework sdk and LUIS — Part 2

In part 1 we completed basic structure of the bot service. In Part-2 our bot will give create, view and cancel options to the user.

10 Essential Slack Bots for Remote Workers

Managing remote teams can be extremely challenging. When team members are scattered in different locations, building a tight connection…

Create chatbot using bot framework sdk and LUIS — Part 1

We will create a simple e-commerce chatbot using Microsoft bot framework SDK in python. Our bot agent is a Bakery Shop agent. Users can…

First steps in Chatbot Performace Testing with Botium Box

One major pitfall of building chatbots is underestimating the importance of performance. The UI of a chatbot is usually very simple, so…

Think A ‘Bot’ It: Conversational AI, XR, and Fashion

Conversations in a fashion metaverse

Learning Chatbot from Scratch: Rasa Open Source 3.x Installation and Set up on macOS

I started to explore chatbot design two weeks ago and decided go with Rasa for my first chatbot development. As a leading open source…

Supercharging Contact Center Agents with Virtual Agents

Digital era has always amused us with its new innovative ideas and inventions. Digital India is a dream of every Indian and that dream has…


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