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Can A Local Government Chatbot Help Communication With Constituents?

If you’ve ever talked to people who work in a 311 call centre for a city or at the city administration office, you’ll probably have heard…

Individual implementation of chatbots in healthcare

Chatbots in Healthcare Boost Access to Care During COVID-19

Website Bots: A New Template Category Launches On Botmakers

Introducing bot templates for websites an easier, faster and fully flexible way to realize the full website’s potential and provide a…

IBM Watson Assistant provides better intent classification than other commercial products…

And how the better performances of IBM Watson Assistant tackle the most common pain points in the adoption of a conversational solution

Integrate Dialogflow Bot in React JS Websites

React JS is a popular web framework for creating user interfaces. The Facebook-owned framework is becoming hugely popular among developers…

Everything You Need To Know About Linkedin Marketing Automation & SMM Chatbot

Automating LinkedIn marketing can help businesses in making the process more resultant, error-free, and cost-effective.

How intelligent and automated conversational systems are driving B2C revenue and growth.

And how your business can tap into this potential 10X revenue multiplier.

Case Study: Building Appointment Booking Chatbot

Chatbots are getting popular day by day. Though they are not as perfect as we would like them to be but they can be very useful to both…

Why RPA Bots & Chatbots/Live Chat are natural partners in automation

While RPA robots automates a series of steps which are somewhat predictable in terms of application and data, chatbots automates…

How to automate Insurance Claims with Chatbots?

Like all other businesses, insurance companies are looking at digital transformation as a critical factor for survival and growth in times…


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