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How to Create a Healthcare Chatbot Using NLP

Ever since its conception, chatbots have been leveraged by industries across the globe to serve a wide variety of use cases. From enabling…

Must-Have Technical Features of a Hiring Software

From writing amazing job descriptions to scheduling interviews, personalized communications, and many more to add, today’s hiring software…

ChatGPT, Bard, and other AI showcases: how Conversational AI platforms have adopted new…

Check out ChatGPT, Bard, and other Generative AI alternatives: how Conversational AI platforms have adopted new technologies.

Artificial Intelligence and Influencer Marketing — Rise of the Virtual Influencers

Today, data, analytics, and algorithms are the cornerstone of modern marketing. Within the marketing industry influencer marketing has…

Artificial Intelligence & The Retail Industry — Dynamic and Inclusive

Consumers are constantly seeking a more diverse and dynamic shopping experience which offers personalized products and services, and while…

ChatGPT: The Technicalities behind the Rising Star of Conversational AI

As pioneers in adopting ChatGPT technology in Malaysia, XIMNET dives in to take a look how far back does Conversational AI go?

Killer AI: Killer robots for military use autonomously pickings targets

Most of us are so focused on chatbots and the recent search wars between ChatGPT, Google, and Microsoft that we are losing sight of the…

How To Add A Chatbot To Webflow

Webflow is a cloud-based CMS that helps to build great websites. Webflow allows users to design, build and host a website with simple and…

MS Teams Bot: The future of ITSM (Ultimate Guide -2023)

The world has turned into a digital hub. Thanks to the pandemic, there has been a global shift for organizations after embracing remote…

Bot Libre 3D — Digital Humans for the Metaverse

They say a house is not a home if there is no one there. Well what good is an advanced virtual space without access to digital assets like…


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