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How you can build your first Chatbot using Rasa (in under 15 minutes)

Looking for a way to zoom past the muck and set up your open-source chatbot? Well, you’re in the perfect place then. Welcome..

Advantages of Chatbot Integration into Entertainment Industry

Remember the times when you visited a website and the assistance window popped up? Upon clicking on that window, they asked for your…

Chatbots — One Interface to Rule Them All?

Imagine if everything your employees needed could be accessed from a single interface, and they could interact with this interface simply…

How your dental practice can benefit from a chatbot

Facebook Messenger Marketing is currently THE revenue channel for 2019. The popularity of conversational marketing is on the rise, and the…

Using customer conversations to NLP-train chatbots

To make machines work for humans — and not the other way around — machines must be intelligent enough to understand a wide range of…

Ecommerce Chatbot — Why Every Ecommerce Business Should Add a Chatbot To Its Website

Chatbot development has turned out to be more than just a trend for modern ecommerce businesses. Online stores are constantly finding new…

6 Practical Uses of AI-Powered Chatbots in HR

Within the corporate world AI chatbots are becoming commonplace: most businesses are increasingly integrating them into their enterprise…

Facebook Messenger Marketing: How to Grow Your Bottom Line

So, what’s the most effective tactic to grow your business’s revenue?

Convert a Google Quiz to a Bot Conversational Form

A look at an App Design that does this automatically.

Why are You Putting Me On Hold? You Have More Than Enough Chatbots

When was the last time you were put on hold for a call? Was it your favourite pizza store, your Wi-Fi provider, or Apple support? (Those…


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