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Adobe I/O

APIs, SDKs and open source projects from Adobe.

Erin Finnegan

Community Engineer at Adobe. Views are my own.

Patrick Faller

πŸ¦Έβ€β™‚οΈ Writer, journalist, & advocate for the global creative community πŸ¦„ Founder & LGBTQ+ entrepreneur of PF Media πŸ‘Ύ Tech, design, video games, music.

Colene Chow

Sr. Product Marketing Manager at @Adobe helping your friendly neighbourhood developer

Chris Parkerson

Manager of the Security Marketing Team at Adobe | Focus on the customer & make it happen | Foodie & cook | Gamer | Persistent wanderlust

Ben Vanderberg

Principal Platform Evangelist at Adobe

Renae Kang

Campaign Marketing Manager at Adobe

John Hill

Tech & research writer. Smartphone journalism. Occasional music.

Jeff Chasin

Sr Evangelist for Adobe Experience Cloud and Adobe Experience Platform.

Raymond Camden

Raymond Camden is a Senior Developer Evangelist for Adobe. He works on the Document Services tools, JavaScript, and the Jamstack.


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