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Founder, Flatiron Communications; President, PCNY; Editor, Medium; Blessed w/ 3 exceptional sons & a most fabulous wife; Music & tech; Maker of the sauce. #NYC

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The New Business Model of Self-Driving Car Fleets

The automotive industry is an anomaly. The industry has annual worldwide sales of over $1.5 trillion. It’s dominated by a dozen powerful…

A market for social capital: The theory and application of Status as a Service

The definitive summary of Eugene Wei’s StaaS, plus the playbook networks need to gain and sustain traction

The Best Offline Apps in 2019

There’s nothing more frustrating for mobile users than sitting on a train or bus and losing all connection to an app the second they…

Spotify and podcasts: Stuck in the middle without you

Exclusives, abundance, and differentiation

GESTURES —The Growth of Gestures in the Mobile UX

Gestures, since their introduction in 2007, have made the mobile experience infinitely more engaging.

I Just Cut The Cord: Here’s What Happened

When I moved back to the city after selling my FiOS-enabled home on Long Island six years ago, I signed up for the only ISP available in…

Why I went to Android and back to iOS

A story of two operating systems from a developer’s perspective

Web Browsers of the Future

Is the way we look at the world, changed?

How Health Trackers Are Evolving Our Senses

Streams of health data are extending what our bodies are capable of


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