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Web3j is now live on Aion Network

In collaboration with Web3 Labs we’re excited to announce Web3j Aion; an open-source client-side Java API built for the AVM. This provides…

Unity Staking Contracts Overview

At the heart of the Unity Consensus are the staking and stake delegation mechanisms, which are responsible for managing staker…

Playing Bigger

This year has been a roller-coaster; some thrills and some moments when our stomachs felt like they were in our throats. Through it all…

Dashboard Updates

The Aion Dashboard UI and API are key pieces to providing visibility into the Aion blockchain. The Dashboard UI allows users to view…

Unity Consensus — Zero to Hero

For the non-techies out there who want to learn how Unity works, we explain what makes this consensus algorithm tick!

Showcase June 30, 2019

Showcases are a monthly recurring set of presentations to create information symmetry both internally and externally.

Aion Community Commitment

One of the best parts of the Aion Network is the strength, passion, and engagement of its community. From around the world this eclectic…

Ethers.js selects Aion as it’s next platform

The most popular wallet implementation and Javascript Framework (and Typescript) API for Blockchain development is now available for Aion…

AVM & The Future

The Aion Virtual Machine is now live on the Aion MainNet. What does this mean for developers, the community, and the future of the…


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