Airbnb Engineering & Data Science

Creative engineers and data scientists building a world where you can belong anywhere.

Harrison Shoff

Good to see you.


Creative engineers and data scientists building a world where you can belong anywhere.

Adam Neary

Software engineer @airbnb. Dad, pizzaiolo.

Jeff Feng

PM Lead for Data @Airbnb covering Machine Learning Infrastructure, Experimentation, Data Visualization & Data Infra. Powered by coffee, bubble tea and burritos.

Xiaohan Zeng

Critical Mind & Romantic Heart

Ninad Khisti

Payments Engineering @ Airbnb

Dylan Hurd

Software Engineer on Airbnb Experiences

Latest Posts

Moving Lottie Swiftly into the Future

A personal story on how Airbnb rewrote the popular open source library Lottie in a new language

Avoiding Double Payments in a Distributed Payments System

How we built a generic idempotency framework to achieve eventual consistency and correctness across our payments micro-service…

New Data Scientists: Tips for Success

In this post I outline some advice for junior data scientists as they onboard onto data and product teams at Airbnb.

Machine Learning-Powered Search Ranking of Airbnb Experiences

How we built and iterated on a machine learning Search Ranking platform for a new two-sided marketplace and how we helped it grow.

Our Swift Style Guide Is Now Open Source

It’s been four years of Swift at Airbnb. The language has changed and our practices have too. Today, we’re sharing how we write Swift.

Contextualizing Airbnb by Building Knowledge Graph

Introducing how we built the Knowledge Graph at Airbnb, which helped us categorize our inventories and deliver contexts to people.

Discovering and Classifying In-app Message Intent at Airbnb

Conversational AI is inspiring us to rethink the customer experience on our platform.

Empowering Data Science with Engineering Education

Engineering education enables data scientists to better interface with engineering and ensures higher data quality.

Beyond “How May I Help you? “

How we used sequence models and LSTM networks to create suggested responses for our customer service agents

Introducing Deploy Pipelines to Airbnb

One intern’s foray into the depths of infrastructure, and lessons learned about how the apparently simple is typically anything but.


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