Musings on technology, philosophy and economics

Isaac de la Peña

Investor @Conexo_vc and formerly @Inveready. Partner @AgoraEAFI & @Alt_Insights. MIT technologist. Finance, algorithmic trading, AI, big data, mobile, web.

Latest Posts

The Bushido of Risk

It seems that we are talking about irreconcilable paths, two opposing schools. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Web Automation

Information is power. This is such a basic principle in finance that those who make privileged use of it get seriously penalized.

You Don’t Deserve Anything

You are not a victim of anyone. Nobody owes you anything. You deserve nothing. Now, get out there and build something outstanding.

The Eyes In The Sky Don’t Sleep

Advances in the quality of both machine vision software and hardware turn yesterday’s wild dreams into today’s realities.

Will Democracy Survive Big Data?

It is not necessary to hide the truth, because nobody can recognize it in an ocean of irrelevance.

The Age of the Algorithm

In a more than purely metaphorical sense, technology is what appears in the world after we graduate.

The Dark Side of Liberalism

A relatively subtle change in the policies in use can have enormous consequences on how individuals plan and distribute their resources…

In Defense of Commerce (Part 3)

Triumphant revolutionaries are usually reactionaries in the most eminent sense…

In Defense of Commerce (Part 2)

In 1705 Bernard de Mandeville publishes “The Fable of the Bees” and in a few weeks this booklet of few pages, sold through the streets…

In Defense of Commerce (Part 1)

Recently I had the opportunity and pleasure of reading The Enemies of Commerce, a work of impressive depth and rigor…


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