Publications tagged `PHILOSOPHY`
Name Followers
The Polymath Project Figuring out how to live in a world we don't understand 24,018
Arc Digital On what matters 20,438
Mind Cafe Relaxed, inspiring essays about happiness. 8,797
Kaizen Habits Insightful and expert-backed strategies to help you become a better human 4,486
Cantor’s Paradise Medium’s #1 Math Publication! 3,398
Epoché (ἐποχή) A free online philosophy magazine, delivered monthly. 3,221
Moments of Passion Live Passionately 2,948
The Understanding Project Do you believe that we can do better at playing the game of life? If you engage with us, you’ll get answers. 2,874
Lessons from History Lessons from History is a platform for writers who share ideas and inspirational stories from world history. The objective is to promote history on Medium and demonstrate the value of historical writing. 2,211
Connecting the Dots What is a mind and how will it change and evolve? Notes on psychology, neuroscience, tech, philosophy and more. 1,609
Rebel Wisdom The intellect in service to embodied wisdom 1,406
Stoicism — Philosophy as a Way of Life Articles about Stoic Philosophy for modern living 1,387
Modern Mythology Modern Mythology is interdisciplinary web journal: an open platform for forward-thinking, even at times iconoclastic work, both online, and in the form of anthologies produced in partnership with a variety of publishers. 1,287
A Philosopher’s Stone A place for a discussion of the ideas all around us in society, culture, philosophy, and more. 1,071
Antidotes for Chimps Using psychology and philosophy to become better apes 741