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Paolo Anziano

co-founder and CFO at AmaZix — Turin, IT

AmaZix Official

Jonas Karlberg

Founding Partner & Executive Chairman, AmaZix

Arthur Tayrac

Interaction designer


AmaZix CMO writing about the future of marketing and cryptocurrencies.

AmaZix Editorial

Content, social outreach -

Latest Posts

How Security Tokens Will Democratize Private Markets

As discussed in our previous post, security tokens bring a number of advancements to the securities space that solve age-old problems and…

We are Hiring!

AmaZix is seeking a full-time Marketing Talent to be part of a marketing team that shares a passion for emerging technology and takes…

AmaZix Seals Partnership with STO Issuance Platform DigiShares

AmaZix, the world’s leading provider of blockchain advisory, is pleased to confirm its latest partnership with DigiShares, the end-to-end…

How Tokenization Will Improve Capital Markets

Capital markets are venues where savings and investments are moved between the suppliers of capital and those who are in need of it. These…

A taxonomy of token models and valuation methodologies

Over the last 18 months, our collective understanding of token economics has progressed significantly. To be clear, we’re still at the…

How Security Tokens Provide Greater Market Depth and Create New Forms of Value

The ability for tokenization to improve market depth by rendering previously illiquid assets liquid has been widely discussed. So has the…

“Fundraising is an Art” — Come Meet the Artists at the Monaco Blockchain Conference, 31st May 2019

Hong Kong, 21st May 2019 — Refining the recipe for success in blockchain-based fundraising takes a lot of experience. It must also be…

AmaZix Announces Partnership with Olymp Capital, Europe’s First Blockchain and Digital Asset…

AmaZix, world’s leading blockchain advisory and community management firm in Digital Assets is proud to be partnered with Olymp Capital…


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