Updates and essays from the Amentum Capital Fund GP team.

Steven McKie

Writer. Programmer. UX/UI. Bitcoin/Ethereum. ENTP. Doing things

Matthew Prewitt

Lawyer, programmer, entrepreneur, contemplator of things.

Amentum Capital

A hybrid crypto fund focused on security, diversity, interoperability, & sustainability for blockchain-based protocols & ventures 🇺🇸🗻#RebuildAmerica

Latest Posts

Identity and Incentives

The Search for Decentralized Identity

What Comprises an Ethereum Fullnode Implementation?

Demystifying Ethereum Fullnodes

Cent Network Master Class

Understanding the Incentive Mechanics of Cent

Amentum GP Video Series

Links to Panels and Lectures of Amentum GPs

The Year of the DAO Comeback

Understanding What’s Leading the Charge

A Guide to Algorithmic Trading in Crypto

An Introduction by Amentum Advisor, Kevin Zhou

The Case for ZCash

Promoting Privacy with Bleeding Edge Cryptography

The Case for Ethereum Scalability

Understanding What’s Possible & What Comes Next

Tokenizing Public Infrastructure Pt 3: Human Needs and Basic Assets

With both Parts 1 and Part 2 out of the way, I’ll finally boil down and finish up the final part of this series.


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