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Ampleforth Wins (Quant)Stamp of Approval: Announce Data Provider Partnership

Quantstamp to provide trusted data feed for Ampleforth’s price oracle system

Ampleforth Compound-ed:  Announcing AMPL & Compound Finance Partnership

Ampleforth to break into DeFi with Compound integration

Chainlink to Power AMPL Oracle

Ampleforth and Chainlink to collaborate in a step towards decentralizing Ampleforth’s oracle system.

Ampleforth IEO and Token Distribution — Transparency Report

For those who were living under a rock last week, the Ampleforth IEO on Tokinex (Bitfinex’s new IEO platform) was a success — selling out…

I went to Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen — and all I got was a glimpse of the future

As you guys probably know we’ve been gearing up to list the AMPL token on Bitfinex. And naturally, to spread awareness and connect in…

State of Discretion and Governance in Ampleforth

Ampleforth was created with the mission to create fair and politically independent money. We believe these two qualities mean, as much as…

Great Economists: Friedrich August Hayek

Friedrich August Hayek has been hailed as one of the preeminent economists from the latter half of the twentieth century. His work on…

Ray Dalio: Correlation ‘Holy Grail’

In the video “Ray Dalio breaks down his ‘Holy Grail’”, he sets out to break down what were the marginal benefits of diversification within…

1971 Nixon Shock: The End of the Bretton Woods System

In 1971 United States monetary policy changed in a major way. President Richard Nixon announced that the US dollar would no longer be…

Ampleforth is not a Stablecoin… (And that’s OK!)

When people think of Stablecoins, they have something very specific in mind. A Stablecoin is meant to remove volatility. A Stablecoin is…


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