Publications tagged `COMPUTER SCIENCE`
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Apache MXNet Apache MXNet (incubating) is a deep learning framework designed for both efficiency and flexibility. It allows you to mix symbolic and imperative programming to maximize efficiency and productivity. 1,451
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Ampleforth Blog (formerly fragments) 1,110
Explore Artificial Intelligence Explore AI through the principles of Machine/Statistical Learning, Mathematics and Computer Science. 1,072
Element AI Lab Scientists and developers at Element AI discuss the state of the art in artificial intelligence research and deployment. 977
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Commit Log Contains Commits, Duh! 619
Technomancy AI + Biology 547
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The Research Nest Empowering humanity with exclusive insights. 301
Teb’s Lab Teb’s Lab is a publication dedicated to educational content with a strong bend towards the overlap between programming and the sciences. 296
Background Thread We're all about Computer Science. We might even say that all we see around are ones and zeroes, shaped up in a lambda-like structures. 264