Antidotes for Chimps

Using psychology and philosophy to become better apes

Rob Marchant

Fanatical absorber of psychology and philosophy

Latest Posts

How to Gain Deep Understanding

Tips on how to get a thorough understanding of something, instead of just skimming its surface.

Why Honesty is the Best Policy

The boundless value to be had dampening your filter, and letting your honesty shine through

Admiration is a Crack-Sprinkled Doughnut

Why our insatiable desire for approval is poisoning us

Why I Was Racist in My Youth

How bigotry is used as emotional protection, through childhood and beyond.

The Deadly Opposite of the Placebo Effect

Our minds can harm us, or heal us.

Tales of Sin City

Life in the Entertainment Capital of the World.

The Salesman Inside Our Own Heads

How our psychological immune system sells us a more hopeful reality.

Why Our Willpower Sucks

We can blame the prehistoric part of our brain for our tendency to gobble doughnuts.

The One Reason to Complain

Why complaining is mostly a toxic behaviour, with one exception.

The Friendship Threat, and How to Beat It

Our most treasured friendships are subject to an insidious threat, which can be fended off with a little effort.


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