Arachnids are fascinating. We write stores about these amazing animals, and the scientists that study them.

Sebastian Alejandro Echeverri

I am a scientist and educator based in Pittsburgh, PA. While I love all animals, there is a special spot in my heart for spiders and other arachnids.

Ivan Magalhaes

Brazilian biologist in the Argentinean Museum of Natural Sciences. I am interested in spider diversity: what species are out here, and where are they?

Catherine Scott

Arachnologist based at the University of Toronto. I study spider communication & communicate with humans about spiders in an effort to turn fear to fascination.

Neville Park

Local politics wonk turned arachnerd. •

Alastair Gibbons

Zoologist and science communicator based in Swindon, UK. Interested in science policy and innovation 🕷


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