Publications tagged `ECOLOGY`
Name Followers
The Climate Series Unpacking the complex reality of climate change, piece by piece. 206
EcoVisionETH Here we collect stories from our research lab at the frontier of machine learning, computer vision, and remote sensing to solve ecological questions. 72
Insects and That Thoughts on the insect world from Cindayniah Godfrey and Gary Hartley. 21
Arachnofiles Arachnids are fascinating. We write stores about these amazing animals, and the scientists that study them. 20
Foresta Collective Learning journeys for native catalysts, personal and cultural change-makers. 11
theLANDSCAPE Welcome to theLANDSCAPE, a publication about the form of the natural and built environment. Pattern, design, ecology, and resiliency of the landscape. Come to learn-share-love. 10
Rootstock A landscape architecture publication that shares fieldwork notes, experiment results, photo essays and research reviews. 5
Green World Ethics An Online Journal advancing an Ecological Egalitarian Worldview with Poetry, Political Activism & Social Permaculture. 5
A Light-Filled Space Casting a light on the work of amazing writers, thinkers, artists, musicians, makers, photographers, philosophers, activists and more. 4
Hyphae Design Laboratory Hyphae Design Laboratory works at the intersection of health, ecology and the built environment 2
A Natural Education Joseph C Lawrence wants to pursue doctoral research into how creative and innovative models of ecosystems and the environment can help people understand them better. 2
Emtrica Sustainability Tech 1
Environmental Intuition Environmental Intuition aims to highlight the (human) experience of being-in-the-world. We must have attentive senses and open imaginations in order to bridge the gaps between ecology and the ineffable. Linking the material with the spiritual requires evidence, but also heart. 0