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Wouter Baetens

Managing Partner @Arinti_be (@CronosGroep). Passionate about Digital Innovation. Triatlon. Straight Edge. Musician. Wanderlust. Always on the run.

Sammy Deprez

Father, Traveler, Managing Partner at Arinti

Latest Posts

Network Flows and their applicability

Introduction to algorithms used in decision making

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents: a first look

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents, now in preview, is a new offering that enables subject matter experts in your organization — such as…

A summary of Knowledge-based Job ecommender Systems

The ACM Recommender Systems (RecSys) is a world class, international conference for offering the state-of-the-art research outcomes…

13th ACM Conference on Recommender Systems — RecSys2019 Copenhagen

RecSys is one of the most famous and important ACM conferences which capture the cutting-edge of innovation with a special focus in…

A conversation with Alphie

Crafting the conversation before developing the bot



AI and RPA for an automated sales order process

When (conversational) AI meets RPA.  A collaboration between FLINQ and Arinti to help you automate everyday repetitive tasks.

Build! 2019 Day 1

If anyone thinks the annual Microsoft Build! Conference is only for techies, than you are wrong!


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