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Wouter de Winter

Data Scientist - writes about Data and Machine learning

Jochem van Lierop

VP @ Artificial Industry

Robbin Tonen

Project Manager @ Artificial Industry

Jeroen van Hoek

Machine Learning @ Artificial Industry

Latest Posts

Adding Websockets to your AWS Serverless application

The quickest way to add Websockets to your AWS Serverless application

The Many Perceptions of Creativity (4)

In theme of the International day of Creativity and Innovation we created a four-part interview series about the different perceptions of…

The Many Perceptions of Creativity (3)

What does creativity mean in your daily work? In the third part of our series, Tom tells us about the importance of creativity as a Scrum…

How data-driven solutions can help businesses thrive

A carefully thought-out digital strategy should be part of every company’s DNA. Businesses require a customer-centric and refined digital…

The Many Perceptions of Creativity (2)

Can you be creative with data? At Artificial Industry, we believe ‘creativity’ comes in many different shapes and forms. In theme with the…

The Many Perceptions of Creativity

“Creativity is intelligence having fun”

How to download files that others put in your AWS S3 bucket

Allowing them to allow you to download their files

‘Making Strategic Decisions Fun: How we Created our Why, How, What in 2 Sessions — a Team Effort’

Most companies know the importance of having a clear and inspiring WHY: the impact you want to make in this world. However, many managers…

Choosing a Speech-to-Text Service

How we chose between Google, Speechmatics and Kaldi

Machine learning concepts for business people

In this post you will learn about the basic concepts underlying machine learning. Explained in layman’s terms.


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