Publications tagged `INNOVATION`
Name Followers
Marker A publication from Medium about business. 81,752
IDEO Stories "It doesn't occur to most people that everything is designed" - Bill Moggridge 67,490
Magenta For people who think about the relationship between people, technology, and design like it's their job. 62,002
How We Get To Next A magazine of the future — because we believe the future matters now. 45,804
Thoughts On Journalism Taking on the problems and challenges in journalism. Spreading ideas, passions and new ways of thinking about media. A publication run by Media Lab Bayern. 27,654
Fast Company Fast Company is the world's leading progressive business media brand, with a unique editorial focus on innovation in technology, leadership, world changing ideas, and design. 20,987
Built to Adapt How software is changing the way society and businesses are built. 20,677
Agile Insider Exclusive and practical insights that enable the agile community to succeed. 19,227
BCG Henderson Institute Ideas and inspiration from the BCG Henderson Institute. 16,315
Haptical Awesome things you need to know about virtual reality and augmented reality. 15,197
The Innovation A place for a variety of stories from different backgrounds 14,395
Design Voices A publication for designers, developers and data nerds - from the aspiring to the expert, and anywhere in between. Content created and curated by Fjord, design and innovation from Accenture Interactive. 13,619
Frontiers Stories from the startup journey around the world. 9,843
Enrique Dans On the effects of technology innovation on people, companies and society (writing in Spanish at since 2003) 7,917
Creative Analytics Creative Analytics focuses on analytics and creative insights. The articles we select are entertaining and thought provoking. Analogies from pop culture and history are among our favorites. Enjoy! 6,944