As We Age

This blog will address topics related to mental health policy and practice guidelines for aging populations. This is a class project for AGHE 821: Aging and Mental Health, at Queen’s University

Lance Shaver, MPH

Lance is a Master of Science Candidate studying Aging & Health at Queen’s University.

Latest Posts

On The Micromanagement of Death and Dying

Our attempts to assert control over dying has sterilized this profoundly existential experience

Ageism & Seniors’ Mental Health

What is ageism and how can we end it?

Reforming Primary Care to Meet Seniors’ Needs

A look at the way primary health care is funded, organized, and delivered in Canada, and the implications for an aging population.

Food Insecurity and Seniors’ Mental Health

A look at causes, consequences, and courses of action

Reducing Social Disengagement Among Seniors: A Policy Prescription

On policy, social disengagement, and the social determinants of health.

Seniors’ Mental Health Policy is Falling Through The Cracks

The belief that health is a personal responsibility — not a societal responsibility — has led to systemic neglect of seniors’ mental health

Why Believing “Health is due to Lifestyle” Harms Public Policy

And Why Canadian Policymakers Must Turn Their Attention Upstream


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