Publications tagged `POLICY`
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The Machinery of Government Independent analysis from Australia's best political scientists and policy researchers focusing on policy, elections and governance. 8,008
Homeland Security A Platform by the Center for Homeland Defense and Security For Radical Homeland Security Experimentation. Editorial guidelines (Publication does not equal endorsement): 5,597
We are Citizens Advice We help people find a way forward. We're here for everyone. 5,326
Plain Text A journal of ideas and commentary about technology policy. 2,024
Less Cancer Journal A collaborative cancer prevention platform reporting on lifestyle, health, education, policy and community based efforts in cancer prevention cancer. The Less Cancer Journal is brought to you by Next Generation Choices Foundation, 501c3 more widely known as "Less Cancer". 1,382
The Polis Thought-provoking articles on politics, philosophy, and policy 867
Open Policy Agent The Open Policy Agent project blog. 629
Context: By New America Where new voices come together to advance big ideas 556
Slowdown Papers The Slowdown Papers are a series of observations, reflections and loose extrapolations, based on the early impact of the Coronavirus COVID–19 pandemic, particularly on the way we make decisions about cities, systems, infrastructures, cultures, and technologies. 532
Reformer An online platform for thought-provoking, critical, and contextual articles on politics, society, and policy. 489
RAND Corporation Curated content from the RAND Corporation, a nonprofit institution that helps improve policy and decisionmaking through research and analysis. 229
3Streams 3Streams is a blog for anyone interested in the convergence of politics, policy & ideas. It elevates the work of scholars interested in reaching a wider audience on timely topics with novel perspectives. To write for the blog, just leave a message or email 177
Wonk Bridge Where Tech Worlds Collide 133
Comprehensive Impacts of the Trump Administration A comprehensive assessment of the impacts of the Trump administration in 19 categories, or articles, per year in office. Follow to be alerted when new articles in this series are published. And follow on Facebook at 121
From the Exosphere From the Exosphere is a platform for sharing thoughts from the team at MartinJenkins. The exosphere is the last layer of atmosphere before space, offering an unrivalled view of our blue planet and where we might go next. 109