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Alice Lankester

alice lankester, head of marketing at balderton capital

Rob Moffat

Partner at Balderton Capital in London, working with Zego, Wagestream, Cleo, Carwow, Mojiworks, Primer, PlayPlay, Dream. Formerly Google & Bain.

James Wise

Early-stage tech investor @balderton, previously worked in social enterprise, tech and policy. Restless.

Suranga Chandratillake

VC @balderton and Chief Strategy @blinkx_video. Previously: Founder/CEO @blinkx_video and US CTO @HPAutonomy. Yet more previously: CompSci @Cambridge_Uni

Cayetana Hurtado

Better fiction writer than medium poster || Learning, people, sun(sets), art.

Maxime Le Dantec

VC @Balderton, previously VC @alvencap and founder at , alumni @CentraleSupelec

Jen Andre

Communications @Balderton Capital

Laura Connell

Principal VC @ Balderton Capital.


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