We bring you workshops, open-source projects and blog to take you where the bit is going

Tom Terado

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We bring you workshops, open-source projects and blog to take you where the bit is going.

Daniel Bar 丹尼尔👩🏼‍🎤

#Cryptopreneur @ | Web3 UX researcher 👩🏼‍🎤📲🌐 ⏩🐨🌈 | Community @ 👩🏻‍🌾🌲🌏

Moritz Neto

🌎Entrepreneurship has taken me places. 🌊 Shapeless. Formless. Like water. 🔥All Hustle, No Talent.

Latest Posts

Bitfwd and Hello Future partnership announcement!

Welcome on board awesome crypto community! We’ve recently been working on partnership with another great community, and today we’re proud…

We burned some ‘money’ for Blockchain art.

The Blockchain philosophy provides a utopian vision of what exchanges of value can mean and how they might be radically different from our…

#Blockathon And Subsequent Opportunity

Have you ever been invited to something that you weren’t sure about and it ended up playing out far better then your expectation?

Jenny in Wonderland — my debut in the blockchain world

Two months ago I jumped aboard a speeding rollercoaster called “Blockchain Technology.” This is my journey thus far.

Join the DAO #Blockathon Experiment

Hello fellow #Blockathon cats, lets get you rolling with all you need to participate in the DAO #Blockathon experiment

Bitfwd and DAOstack partnership announcement

Recently we shared with you good news about our partnership with CryptoChicks. Here’s another partnership we want to announce — with…

Bitfwd and Cryptochicks partnership announcement

We’re happy to announce that bitfwd and Cryptochicks formed an official partnership and will be working together to bring women into…

How to onboard yourself to a DAO

Hello fellow netizens, if you’ve arrived at this corner of the internet, it means you are considering participating in a Decentralized…

Web3 UX Unconference 2019

#Web3UXUnconf in Sydney 2019


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