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Spencer Bogart

Partner at Blockchain Capital; Venture investing dedicated to crypto and blockchain industry

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Examining Bitcoin’s Valued Attributes: A Letter to the SEC

What follows is the content from a comment letter submitted to the SEC in response to questions and concerns from the Commission regarding…

The Past & Future of Blockchain: Where we’re going and why

What follows is a brief summary of where the blockchain industry has come from over the past 10 years, where (I think) it’s headed over…

Bitcoin is a Demographic Mega-Trend: Data Analysis

What follows is data and analysis from a survey of American adults regarding general sentiment toward Bitcoin — the survey was conducted…

Lightning is Only the Beginning: The Emerging Bitcoin Stack

For the past year or two, Bitcoin’s lightning network has been one of the most closely watched developments in the crypto industry and…

Coming soon: The Biggest Crypto On-Ramps Ever

As a venture firm that has been deploying capital to the crypto space for over 6 years, we see a plethora of future catalysts for crypto…

The Most Interesting Property in the World

What if I told you the most interesting property in the world was available?

Analyzing the IEO Phenomenon, and the Impact on Markets and Token Models

IEOs have emerged as a recent phenomenon, attracting attention and scrutiny. IEOs are similar to ICOs, except that the raise is conducted…

Grin Governance: A Novel Approach

Grin has generated a fair amount of hype and interest — in large part due the founding story, fair launch, and its use of novel technology…

A Primer on Blockchain Interoperability

An intro to why it matters and puts/takes on different approaches to achieving cross-blockchain communication.

Business Models Behind Stablecoins

Exploring the upside of price stability


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