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We are a Family of Founders making Sci-Fi a Reality! VR/AR, blockchain/crypto, bots/AI, space, drones. 250+ companies funded -

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Managing Director of @BoostVC: The SciFi PreSeed Fund. Host of The @BoostVC Podcast.,

Brayton Williams

Co-Founder @BoostVC — Investing in Sci-Fi Tech founders: blockchain/crypto, VR/AR, bots/AI, space, drones, SciFi. Advisor: @etherscan, @mycrypto, Aragon

Latest Posts

The Importance of VR.

I’m a true believer in Virtual Reality, but what makes something important? What makes it stand out above the rest of technologies being…

Sci-Fi Tech: Love The Hater.

“Anything that gets me closer to an Iron Man suit.”

Unsolicited Advice: Don’t Stare at death.

“We are running out of money in 2 months.”

Coinbase Raises at an $8B

“At some point the world will be on one financial infrastructure.”

Request for Startups: BlueTech (OceanTech)

BlueTech, the next frontier!!

Virtual Reality: Request for Startups.

At Boost VC we have invested in 70 VR related projects, dating back to 2014. Here is what we are looking to invest in next:

Dear Founder, now you have money.

In the last 6 months, Boost VC had our first major exit. It’s fantastic, but I realized that our founders had never had money before, and…

Crypto: Request for Startups.

At Boost VC we have invested in over 75 crypto related projects dating back to 2012. The ecosystem is taking off but there are still many…


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