Brian — The Man Behind The Pen

Recently, a man used my name as if it were a weapon. I am who I am, and this is my journey.


"My pen isn't afraid to speak the truth" - Marsha Ambrosius | Wanna buy me a coffee?

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Call me Icarus The way I flew  Towards you The way I soared Chasing your golden trail The way I ignored The burning sensation Spreading…

How the Sims Franchise Saved My Life Growing Up

I’ve always had The Sims installed on my laptop ever since I got my first one.

49 Pulses

49 pulses Damn, I never wanted To have to write that line Again

My First Girlfriend Almost Got Me Killed

I stood there with her Dad telling us we couldn’t be together.


As soon as I gave you power Everything turned sour I swear you like it when I’m in pain You just look away I’m drowning And you refuse to…

Protect Your Trans Brothers and Sisters

Death threats pop up in an email. You have no idea who it is, but they seem to know all about you. You have no idea how close they are…

I Need You

I need you To tell me this is love To tell me I’m enough

Top 5 Things to Never Say to A Transman

This isn’t an order from not as bad to totally unacceptable. It’s more of a general list. Just don’t say these things to us. I know some…

Why Are Beards So Important to Transmen?

I’ve always wanted a beard ever since I was a little kid. My dad had a pretty solid mustache. My uncle had a nice, full beard. Other…


I loved I loved I loved And then I lost Then I loved I loved Through the cracks in my heart


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