Brian — The Man Behind The Pen

Recently, a man used my name as if it were a weapon. I am who I am, and this is my journey.


"My pen isn't afraid to speak the truth" - Marsha Ambrosius | Wanna buy me a coffee?

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What Does It Mean to Be A Black Man?

I read “When They Call You A Terrorist” by Patrisse Khan-Cullors and “Between the World and Me” by TaNehisi Coates back to back.

Black Lives Matter Doesn’t Mean Others Don’t

Why do people assume that saying “Black lives matter” means putting other groups of people down?

I Taught Myself How to Be A M

I didn’t grow up with a good black male role model.

All Black Women Deserve Love

Nobody should have to tell y’all that.

I Hate Gaming Culture

It’s so toxic

Love Is Messy

Spilling my heart out for you all to see

I Don’t Have to Have Everything Figured Out

At least that’s what I keep telling myself

Facing Christianity As A Black Trans Man

My adoptive mom asked me if I wanted to go to church with her this past Sunday, and I didn’t really have an answer for her.

What If I Would Have Been Born Cis?

Like a lot of transmen and transwomen, I find myself wondering what my life would look like had I been born in a body that matched me.

Scalpel vs. Blade

*Trigger warning: Self-harm*


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