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Jinen Kamdar

Chief Product Officer at Modern Health

Swati Vauthrin

VP of Engineering @ BuzzFeed. Loves fashion, sports, tech crunching, and being a mommy!

Caroline Amaba

Software Engineer @BuzzFeed — playing games, climbing things, coding stuff

Luke Vnenchak

VP Engineering @ BuzzFeed

Latest Posts

Continuous Deployments at BuzzFeed

How our infrastructure team automated production deployments

SSO (aka S.S.Octopus) is one year old!

This Fall, we celebrated SSO’s one year anniversary. We wanted to take this opportunity to reflect back on the last year.

My First Product Launch: BuzzFeed Product Manager Edition

It was mid-spring when I got the call that every millennial dreams of: I got extended an offer to intern at BuzzFeed! A few weeks after…

Micro Frontends at BuzzFeed

How we leverage the Micro Frontend pattern for specific components and use cases on

How BuzzFeed’s Tech Team Helps Journalists Report On Technology With Authority

Reporter: Is anyone around to take a quick look at some code on codepen and help me understand what it does?

6 Things You Can Learn About BuzzFeed Tech From Our Hack Week

Once a year, BuzzFeed Tech is allowed to run rampant in our codebase, with a simple directive: work on anything except work. ⚙️

What is it REALLY Like Interning at BuzzFeed?

The 2019 Tech Interns give an inside look into working at BuzzFeed!

Paying Tech Debt Forward

How BuzzFeed turned a backlog into a benefit for coders and charity.

Finding and Fixing Memory Leaks in Python

Python makes managing memory easy most of the time. Sometimes there’s a leak. This post describes the tools and methods to track the source.

Building great products by building great relationships

By making cooking accessible, fun, and social, Tasty has become one of the most beloved and popular food brands on the Internet today…


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