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Matt Reiferson

MS-DOS C Engineer

Jinen Kamdar

VP of Product at BuzzFeed. Previously Director of Product at Twitter.

Swati Vauthrin

Sr. Director Engineering @ BuzzFeed. Loves fashion, sports, tech crunching, and being a mommy!

Caroline Amaba

Software Engineer @BuzzFeed — playing games, climbing things, coding stuff

Luke Vnenchak

VP Engineering @ BuzzFeed

Latest Posts

Paying Tech Debt Forward

How BuzzFeed turned a backlog into a benefit for coders and charity.

Finding and Fixing Memory Leaks in Python

Python makes managing memory easy most of the time. Sometimes there’s a leak. This post describes the tools and methods to track the source.

Building great products by building great relationships

By making cooking accessible, fun, and social, Tasty has become one of the most beloved and popular food brands on the Internet today…

I Interned At BuzzFeed And You Should Too

In the summer of 2016, I spent ten incredible weeks as a software engineering intern at BuzzFeed.

How We’re Building Superpowers for Social Publishers at BuzzFeed

Over the past year, my definition of a “good” internal workflow tool has evolved significantly. I once believed a “good” tool eliminated…

Identifying Trending Topics for BuzzFeed News

How does BuzzFeed know what’s trending? On every page of, you’re greeted with a big red circle labelled “Trending,”…

Unleashing the SSO 🐙

Open-sourcing sso, the way we secure services at BuzzFeed

How We Personalized Tasty Tag Search Results

The Tasty app just celebrated its first birthday! There are many great things about the app, but there is definitely room for improvement.

We Were The 2018 BuzzFeed Intern Class And Now We’re Crying In the Club Because Summer’s Over

From partying it up during the tech offsite boat outing to teaching our teams how to make pierogis from scratch, us BuzzFeed interns can…

11 Ways To Have An Awesome Internship At BuzzFeed

We asked the 2018 Tech interns for their tips on how to have a great summer internship at BuzzFeed. Once we sifted through all the gifs…


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