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ITNEXT ITNEXT is a platform for IT developers & software engineers to share knowledge, connect, collaborate, learn and experience next-gen technologies. 38,257
A Cloud Guru Stories from our cloud computing community 23,218
Better Practices For individual engineers to the largest teams, Better Practices is intended to distill knowledge from the Postman community. This is a place to learn about modern software practices together! Read more: 6,959
Capital One Tech The low down on our high tech from the engineering experts at Capital One. Learn about the solutions, ideas and stories driving our tech transformation. 6,900
The Renaissance Developer Stories & Experiences from a Software Engineer 3,843
OmarElGabry's Blog This is my freedom area. Don't underestimate it. The devil is in the detail. 3,833
SoftwareMill Tech Blog Custom software development; architecture, Scala, Akka, Kafka, blockchain consulting. Distributed systems & backends, APIs. *The* partner to execute your idea! ➡️ 3,490
The Compiler This blog was created to give Black engineers a place to learn about what it takes to reach the highest levels of leadership in tech. Additionally, we want to give everyone a chance to learn about how we see our communities, technology, and the world. 2,690
Dev Genius Coding, Tutorials, News, UX, UI and much more related to development 2,429
Sourcerer Blog All the work that a SWE does is largely forgotten after said feature, product, or fix has been released. We are a small group of software engineers who believe that this should not be the case. We believe an engineer's work can tell a story and so created 2,334
HubSpot Product Lessons from shipping at HubSpot. 1,875
disney-streaming - A Disney Technology Blog 1,542
Revolut Tech Revolut under the hood 1,460
Frontend Digest Anything and everything frontend. JavaScript, CSS and HTML. 1,408
Aram Koukia Vancouver Microsoft MVP, Software Developer, Geek, Full stack Microsoft technologies experience. Living my dream life. 1,260