buZZrobot embraces all possible aspects of intelligence (including but not limited to human and artificial intelligence) through reflections on topics like the nature of intelligence, consciousness, and everything in between.

Sophia Arakelyan

Former ballerina turned AI writer. Fan of sci-fi, astrophysics. Consciousness is the key. Founder of


Artificial Intelligence for Human Intelligence

Latest Posts

Life as a Method of Maximizing Fun

If we remove our fears, the need to have a certain social status, the lust for power and security, then what is really left of us?

A tape that plays and observes itself over and over again

Reflections of the nature of consciousness

Understanding the Nature of Intellect

Can a cat understand quantum mechanics? Can a dog comprehend modern chemistry?

Raise AI babies like human babies

He: Okay, Google. Show me the way to Twin Peaks, please.

‘Gambling’ on scenarios of the future with AI paced to become a really dangerous technology

As of today, let’s admit that AI technology does not present much harm. Though, over time, the situation will change dramatically and the…

From Ballerina to AI Researcher: What’s Next?

Results of the OpenAI scholarship during the last three months, thoughts on the future and my final project

From Ballerina to AI Researcher: Part X

Learning to play the Pong game: Embracing Reinforcement Learning

From Ballerina to AI Researcher: Part IX

OpenAI Five benchmark game and my tenth week as a scholar

From Ballerina to AI Researcher: Part VIII

Reinforcement learning in NLP/NLU and my eighth week as an OpenAI scholar

From Ballerina to AI Researcher: Part VII

What love is, our desire for love, and my seventh week as an OpenAI scholar


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