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Chris Gliddon

Dad, storyteller, and product strategist. I believe in the power of story to enrich our little world. I write about storytelling at

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Why is Marvel Beating Star Wars?

Another day, and yet another sensationalist headline from a major news outlet designed purely to elicit clicks. Is this what we’ve done to…

Is Interruptive Design the Herpes of the Internet?

The Disease of Disruptive Patterns on the Web

How Club Penguin Changed My Life

Reflections from a former CP team member

The Unlikely Gift of Back Pain

This week I was reminded about my own fragile human body, and of the importance of taking care of it. What happened? I hurt my back again.

The Tragic Story of Vernon and Oswald

Occasionally, you stumble upon a sad story you missed, and can’t help but feel compelled to share it. And no, this has nothing to do with…


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