Publications tagged `MUSIC`
Name Followers
Cuepoint Medium’s Premier Music Publication: An ear for the new, a heart for the classics 65,438
Festival Peak words about experiencing music. 13,938
Still Crew More Respect, More Fresh 6,913
MTV News Music, pop culture, and politics from MTV News. 6,742
RollingStone Rolling Stone is an American biweekly magazine that focuses on popular culture. 5,217
Micro-Chop Dissecting beat making, DJing, rapping, and sampling. 4,446
Aventus Network A blockchain-based touting and counterfeit solution for the event ticketing industry. 3,767
A Longing Look Love letters to lyrics 3,121
Gino’s Blog Everything you love and hate about Beirut 1,219
Whatslively Getting you out to more live music. 842
Everything’s Interesting what’s worth thinking about — at the movies, on tv, and more 725
Billboard Magazine Billboard Magazine 671
Artist Waves Behind the art, from the artist 463
Sonic Theology This is a space of exploration in sonic theology, acoustic icons, found objects (like grace, time, timbre, or other holy scrap), and some good old fashioned “sangin’.” Make yourself at home. 382
The Passion of Christopher Pierznik Books, Films, Sports, Rhymes & Life 376