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Long articles chronicling stuff I do with code which may serve as tutorials (if anybody finds them useful)

Timi Ajiboye

I make stuff, mostly things that work on computers. CEO at BuyCoins (

Latest Posts

Simpler parameter handling for Interactors

At BuyCoins, we use the Interactor gem for business logic. It works like this:

Ruby’s Prepend: How is it useful?

With a real world example

front-end vs back-end vs client-side vs server-side

If you’re an experienced (web) developer like I am, the words in the title make complete sense to you and are pretty basic.

Reusing Redux Containers with multiple Components in React.

If you’re using react-redux then you should be familiar with the code below.

Rails GraphQL Server Tips — Part 1, Authentication.

I decided to write a series of posts that show how I do certain things with graphql-ruby in server side Rails applications.

Primer: State management (with Redux)

I recently started doing React + Redux development and Redux took some getting used to. So I decided to write this to make it a bit easier…

Tiny jsonb gotcha in Rails

If you’re using Postgres 9.4+ in your Rails application, you get to create columns in the jsonb type, which lets you store non-relational…

Securing requests between two back-end applications

I’m working on a super-top-secret-but-not-really-maybe-cryptocurrency-related web product and I eventually ended up needing two back-end…

Getting JSON Body from Retrofit Error (Kotlin)

Update: You can see the class we end up writing, but in Java here.

Testing graphql-ruby resolve classes with rspec

This is going to be a relatively short post. It’s something I just did and felt like sharing in the moment.


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