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Film yakker, wisecracker, tact lacker. Contributing Editor at Cinapse.

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Writer living in Austin, Texas

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PM @ Apple for Social Analytics, but mainly tweet about movies. Co-founded Opinions my own (does that do anything?)

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Brit in Texas. Cinapse staff writer. VP of @ATXFilmCritics and member of @OFCS

Justin Harlan

founder of, writer for and, contributor to, and former editor for

elizabeth stoddard

native Texan, film critic (President of AFCA)

Brendan Foley

Aspiring aspirer. Contributing lunatic to Nightmares offered at bargain prices. Creator/Host of Black Sun Dispatches

Latest Posts

The Film Club Doffs Their Feathered Caps to Olivia de Havilland with THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD

Two Cents is an original column akin to a book club for films. The Cinapse team will program films and contribute our best, most…

MADE IN ITALY Offers Family, Sunsets and a Very Old House

Liam Neeson goes back to acting with this sweet, if familiar, father/son drama.

No Wives; Only HUSBANDS

Criterion does right by this complex John Cassavetes effort.

I USED TO GO HERE is a Coming of Age Story for Adults

Kris Rey’s coming of age dramedy is a lovely showcase for Gillian Jacobs

HOW TO FAKE A WAR Takes on Fake News and Comes Up Short

Rudolph Herzog’s political satire is a mess

THE TAX COLLECTOR is a Bloody Bore

David Ayer returns to the gritty crime drama he built his name on.

Arrow Heads #79: THE WIND (1986)

Assured direction from Nico Mastorakis elevates this slasher

GAMERA Heisei Trilogy Screen Comparisons: New Arrow Video Restorations vs Mill Creek

This article contains image comparisons which contrast Mill Creek’s 2010–2011 Blu-ray transfers of the Gamera Heisei Trilogy with the…

FANTASIA 2020 Announces 3rd Wave of titles and the Cinapse Crew Gives Their Picks of the Fest!

With COVID-19 keeping audiences out of theaters for the foreseeable future, film festivals are faced with a tough decision this fall.

PAYDIRT Impresses With Style, But Otherwise Falls Short

This Luke Goss and Val Kilmer heist thriller doesn’t quite pay out.


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