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Co-Founder & Editor In Chief of Cinapse. Community Cinema Director at Mobile Loaves & Fishes. Austin, TX.

Austin Vashaw

Film yakker, wisecracker, tact lacker. Editor at Cinapse.

Rod Machen

Writer living in Austin, Texas

David Delgado

PM @ Apple for Social Analytics, but mainly tweet about movies. Co-founded Opinions my own (does that do anything?)

Jon Partridge

Brit in Texas. Cinapse staff writer. Member of @ATXFilmCritics and @OFCS

Justin Harlan

founder of, former editor-in-chief for (RIP), writer for,, and

elizabeth stoddard

native Texan, film critic (VP of AFCA), pop culture junkie

Brendan Foley

Aspiring aspirer. Contributing lunatic to Nightmares offered at bargain prices. Creator/Host of Black Sun Dispatches

Latest Posts

Fantasia 2019: Jesse Eisenberg Learns THE ART OF SELF DEFENSE

Misogyny, brutality, yellow belts, black stripes, night class, and heavy metal — there’s a new dojo in town

THE FAREWELL: All in the Family

Lulu Wang’s personal feature focuses on identity, family ties, and “good” lies

Fantasia 2019: PORNO is a Gore-tasticly Fun Romp

After hearing the buzz about Porno when it screened at The Overlook Film Fest, I was front and center when it screened at Fantasia this…

Fantasia 2019: SADAKO is a Return to Form for the Franchise

Sadako, which opened Fantasia Fest 2019, is the return of director Hideo Nakata to the series, who helmed the original Ringu over 20 years…

SHAZAM! Strikes on Blu-ray!

The movie I kept thinking about while watching Shazam!, now available on Blu-ray, DVD, and VOD, wasn’t any of the other multitude of…

FAST COLOR Races Onto Blu-ray

What do we mean when we say, “real-world superhero story”? By their very definition, superheroes break the world, transforming the mundane…

PODCAST: ‘Sitting on Floors with Boy(s)’ — STUBER

This week’s offering: STUBER! Was it a RIDE worth SHARING? (Get it?) SPOILER-FREE!!!

NYAFF 2019: Gleefully Absurd MISSBEHAVIOR Scores with Lowbrow Humor

The New York Asian Film Festival takes place from June 28 to July 14, 2019.

NYAFF 2019: WHITE SNAKE is a Fascinating Update of an Ancient Tale

The New York Asian Film Festival runs from June 28 to July 14, 2019.


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