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Ben Goertz

They pay me to solve problems. Unable to solve the one problem that matters.

Hunter Barcroft

“Eat your heart out, you dirty hipsters”- Abraham Lincoln

Brandon Sparks

Storyteller, Podcaster, and Video Store Loyalist

Thomas Horton

I like to be serious about silly films. And also silly about serious films. And everything in between.


We talk movies, music, video games, television, and pretty much anything that we have on our minds.

Latest Posts

On the Dangers of Rejecting Criticism

With Game of Thrones at its controversial end, a strange trend has come to its defense

Where is the “Lonely Place”?

Exploring how loneliness is defined in Nicholas Ray’s “In a Lonely Place”

From the Vault: Primal Fear

A Standout of the 1990s Courtroom Drama Era

Superhero TV Show Power Rankings — APR 2019

THIS MONTH — The rest of Umbrella Academy, the end of Gotham and the Arrowverse approaches their finales.

Coming-Of-Age Stories: Why They Are Important and the Films to Watch

The most important story in fiction is the coming-of-age story.

Five Reasons That Timon and Pumbaa are Ultimate Couple Goals

That lovable, laughable duo from The Lion King is beyond best friend goals. Timon and Pumbaa in all of their antics are the epitome of…

Superhero TV Show Power Rankings — MAR 2019

THIS MONTH — Supergirl gets a much-needed boost from its best villain yet, while Arrow shoots a slew of twists at us! Doom Patrol gets…

Being Empowered with Sadness

I’ve only seen Inside Out a couple of times. At this point I’ve cosplayed as Sadness more than I’ve even seen the film — which is crazy to…

The Enemy is Us

Five Political Take-Aways from Jordan Peele’s Latest Film

Survival Odds for Avengers: Endgame

The Safe & The Doomed, The Resurrected & The Endangered


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