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Clairvoyant is a data and decision engineering company. We design, implement and operate data management platforms with the aim to deliver transformative business value to our customers.

Robert Sanders

Senior AVP of Data Management for EXL Services | Marathon Runner | Triathlete | Endurance Athlete

Rodrigo Rodriguez

Founder at Prism Studios

Shekhar Vemuri

CTO at Clairvoyant, Principal at Kogni

Satya Mudiam

Director of Data Science @ Clairvoyantsoft

Latest Posts

Introducing Docker: A Deep Technical Overview.

Exploring the architecture of docker that power’s modern containerization.

Fetching AWS EMR Node/EC2 Instances Details Using Python

This script fetches information about running EC2 instances, including their associated AMI age and EMR node status, then compiles all this…

Efficient Processing of Parquet Files in Chunks using PyArrow

The Parquet file format has gained its importance as a powerful solution for storing and managing large datasets efficiently.

AWS VPC Networking — Part-II

In our last blog, we learnt about the VPC, CIDRs, Subnets and some other basics which are essential for the VPC networking. If you are new…

Automate data-source configuration in a Spring Boot application with AWS Secrets Manager

This blog post aims to guide you through the process of configuring your data source within a Spring Boot application with enhanced…

Removal of IIS service from Tableau Servers.

Objective: This blog will help you to resolve the issue when you observe the tableau url/tableau is not coming up after tableau restart. By…

AWS VPC Networking — Part-I

For those who are all new to the AWS VPC (Virtual Private Cloud), this blog will help you understand exactly what the AWS VPC is, why it’s…

AWS Storage Gateway :- On-Premises Storage Extension Solution

Hybrid Cloud Solution: Integrate On-premises files shares with Cloud storage solutions

Strong Artificial Intelligence vs. Weak Artificial Intelligence

Unraveling the Spectrum of Machine Intelligence

What is Google Dataproc and How does it work?

How to run Hadoop-based Clusters and Jobs in the Google Cloud


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