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CloudSploit Joins the Aqua Family

Cloud and container security are complements. A secure containerized application can be compromised if its cloud environment is insecure

Announcing CloudSploit for Azure

Today, CloudSploit is excited to share that our cloud security auditing solution is now publicly available for Microsoft Azure accounts…

A Technical Analysis of the Capital One Hack

The recent disclosure of yet another cloud security misconfiguration leading to the loss of sensitive personal information made the…

The Danger of Unused AWS Regions

AWS has 21 (and counting!) geographic regions. Attackers often embed themselves in unused regions, evading detection for months.

The Need for Security-Specific Applications

When we talk about cloud providers, we often forget that not all data is the same — even in the same application, while we might think of…

All the Security and Compliance Features Announced at AWS Re:Invent 2018

CloudSploit’s summary of the security and compliance features and services announced during AWS Re:Invent 2018. AWS Firecracker and more…

CloudSploit Compliance Scanning Scans AWS Infrastructure for Compliance with Privacy Standards

One of the most common business requirements data handlers face is the numerous data privacy standards present as industry standards. Each…

AWS re:Invent — Industry Trends and Security in 2018

In many ways, AWS is often seen as a leader in the cloud space. This is for good reason — AWS represents a wide range of business, small…

re:Invent Highlights — Day Four

Thought re:Invent technically runs for another day, the fourth day is traditionally the final day in terms of large announcements — this…

re:Invent Highlights — Day Three

As re:Invent continues, so to does the string of announcements promising to change the face of cloud computing. Many of the major…


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