The Miners

Codeminer42’s Engineering Blog

Thiago Araújo Silva

Full Stack Developer. Interested in computer science and the craft of programming directed towards practical purposes.

Talysson de Oliveira

Front-end at @codeminer42 | Passionate about web-dev, React and JavaScript

Carlos Eduardo L. Lopes

Software engineer and technical lead playing as accounts manager

Latest Posts

My Journey Discovering Design Patterns I Didn’t Even Know I Use

Getting started with the decorator and service patterns

Using Mappers to organize your data and your project

At some point in the development of your project, you might have needed to develop a feature or coding a screen that consumed data from an…

“!” and “?”: Understanding one of Ruby’s coolest naming conventions

“Well, that’s quite some symbols you got there ♨_♨” - You, after reading this article’s tittle.

Build your first app with Flutter: Getting data from API

Since the release of Flutter Beta, its community has been growing! The goal of the following article is to show how you can use it to…

Destroying an association marked as Read-Only in Rails

Read-only is a boolean attribute. When present it specifies that an object is read-only. This attribute is used to prevent a record to be…

Scalable frontend #2 — Common patterns

Applying layered architecture in a practical way

Migrating from Paperclip to ActiveStorage

My first challenge as an intern

Scalable frontend #1 — Architecture

What is software architecture and how can you benefit from it to improve your frontend application?

This year’s January I spent three weeks working at GoDaddy Inc.

First of all, Arizona is a state with high temperatures and predominant desert landscape. I got lucky to go there during the Winter since…


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