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CoinBundle Team

CoinBundle is the easiest way for people to invest in cryptocurrencies. Backed by top Silicon Valley VCs and Y-Combinator. Learn more:

Gabe Fearing

Chief Editor at GoFable

Alex Iakovlev

Co-founder at GoFable and CoinBundle

Anna Vedischeva

Marketing Manager at CoinBundle;;

Saad Rizvi

Co-founder and CEO, CoinBundle (YC S16); Co-founder, Delivery Associates; Lecturer at Harvard MLIH. Formerly EM, McKinsey and SVP, Pearson. Forbes 30 under 30.

Sumesh Rawal

Student @UCBerkeley

Latest Posts

Longread: First Days of Cryptocurrencies

Detailing the historic creation and rise in popularity of the first modern cryptocurrency — Bitcoin — and beyond

Using Blockchain for: Voting

Exploring the potential use cases of blockchain technology in voting

5 crypto fails of 2018

Recalling some of the biggests crypto busts that have made their way into headlines during 2018

Blockchain & Internet of Things (IoT)

Going over how blockchain technology can be applied to further develop the internet of things

CoinBundle Mobile App

iOS and Android mobile apps released for the CoinBundle crypto investment platform. Buy and trade bundles on-the-go.

Market crashes: How to recover from a crash

Explaining the best moves to make in order to effectively recover from a market crash

Market Crashes: How to survive the crash

Explaining how to handle a market crash when it occurs and what to do in order to come out of it alive

Market Crashes: How To Prepare For a Crash

An explanation of how to prepare for, and handle the emergence of a market crash

How Bulls and Bears Make People Behave

Analyzing how certain market conditions can impact the way that investors behave


Explaining what stablecoins are and why they’re so important for the cryptocurrency industry


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