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Build an insurance application with Hyperledger Composer and React.js Part 2

This is the second part of the tutorial, the first of which can be found here…

Bitcoin’s bull run: This is what’s different compared to 2017

A roadmap towards trust and mainstream adoption & Why it is always a good time to buy Bitcoin

On Efficient Ethereum Transactions

& Introducing HomeWork 🏠🛠️

Mnemonic Generation (BIP39) Simply Explained

Every time one setup a crypto wallet, he/she is provided 12 (in some case 24) mnemonic phrases and asked to keep it secure. These…

Part V — But What About The Computational Resource? The Natural Gas To Oil In The Digital Realm!

When oil, one of the resources that initiated the industrial revolution was discovered, a by-product was also found when drilling. Along…

How Bitcoin Makes the Law Optional

Fixing meanings to evolving new concepts, theories, ideas (like Bitcoin) takes time and experience to comprehend and assimilate — by which…

Libra ❤ Docker

🐳 Let’s try libra client via docker, I’ll provide local macOS, bare metal and docker hub style! Ready? Go!

Libra: Forking the Fed

Libra stands for Liberation. But for whom, exactly?

Cryptocurrency Valuation

Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as an investment advice to buy or sell any securities or cryptocurrencies.

Whitepaper Deep Dive — Move: Facebook Libra Blockchain’s New Programming Language

Key characteristics and How it differentiates with Ethereum from a developer’s perspective


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