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Gaurav Agrawal

Working on ContentCat (, Coinmonks Job portal ( and Coinmonks publication ( and Coincodecap (

Uttam Paswan

Product Designer, introvert, art lover(any form, shape, language), dreamer & procrastination…

Harshita Katiyar

Freelance Writer | Growth hacker at Coinmonks( | Editor of Coinmonks Publication( | Existence Enthusiast


Blockchain maximalist

Latest Posts

Banksy, Banks, Bitcoin, Nash Equilibrium, Aura, Ideal Art.

The modern epoch we live was recently described as ‘World War 2 plus email’ — and was said in loose reference (I surmise at least) to how…

Creating a better banking system, for a better world.

The core banking system sucks. Here is a better alternative.

Teach Yourself — Hyperledger : Hour 06:00 — Hyperledger Fabric — Network Setup — Part 2

Hello, thanks for taking the time to read this series. I believe you have started from Hour 00:00, if not please do that before you…

The Future of Token Sales: Launchpads

Another ICO bubble could be upon us soon, and I can sense the tide rising fast.

Cosmos / ATOM Staking Guide

The Cosmos Hub MainNet is officially live!

Check what you are voting for with PyTezos

DYOR series by Baking Bad

Best Crypto APIs for Developers

Bitcoin recently marked its 10th anniversary on January 3, 2019, a full decade since the genesis block was mined by Satoshi Nakamoto back…

Tangle Pathway

A space-efficient sub-graph description of IOTA’s tangle.

How to build your own decentralized exchange based on Atomic Swaps using Oraclize

A couple of months ago I had an idea about how one could swap cryptocurrencies across different Blockchains leaving the validation to a…


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