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Gaurav Agrawal

Working on ContentCat (, Coinmonks Job portal ( and Coinmonks publication ( and Coincodecap (

Uttam Paswan

Product Designer, introvert, art lover(any form, shape, language), dreamer & procrastination…

Harshil Lakhani

ICO Advisory | Growth Marketing | Helping Businesses build Predictable Revenue


Blockchain maximalist

Latest Posts

FaaS + Blockchain: go serverless with an Ethereum NodeJS oracle

Why go serverless with FaaS + Blockchain?

Trust me! It’s not easy to build a blockchain/DLT consortium

This week I saw the announcement that R3 Corda had released its Corda Network. What is the Corda Network? It is a publicly-available…

How To: Create Your Own Private Ethereum Blockchain

Why we use Private Ethereum Blockchain

The Cannabis <> Crypto Mix

Unclear regulations, product first mentality, unrealistic valuations, and a lot of scams. Sound familiar? If it does, many may think that…

Scala hyperledger fabric client

This is the second part of my hyperledger fabric blog series. In this post I’m gonna cover how to write scala based hyperldger fabric…

Hyperledger fabric cluster with multiple orderers and kafka

Production ready hyperledger fabric cluster

IOTA MAM Ultra Lite

Lightest Masked Authenticated Messaging protocol for IOTA

Adventures with Dumb Contracts

Well guys, I’ve only gone and done it —  I’ve launched a DApp on the Ethereum mainnet, and there’s no better excuse than that to come here…

Hyperledger Fabric By Example: Part 6

Wrapping up the series by exploring chaincode.

Baking Bad: working with different payment schemes

Baking Bad — an independent service for calculating rewards for delegation Tezos and matching it with actually received payments.


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