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Shawn Lee

Inspired by nature, music, and the potential of human imagination.

Tom Borgers

Office of the CEO, ConsenSys 👹

Avery Erwin

"Run after the archive, even if there's too much of it." –JD

Lorenzo Santos

Lover of 📽🛫🤔💭📈 // Product Growth at @ConsenSys, prev. @VaynerMedia, @TheSashaGroup

Latest Posts

DeFi Is Doing to Money What Email Did to the Postal Service

An excerpt from our recent Ethereum ecosystem report on the exponential opportunity of decentralized finance.

The State of the Ethereum Network: 5 Years Running

Looking back on the first five years of our ecosystem’s quest to upgrade the Internet.

Introducing the Deposit Launch Pad for Ethereum 2.0

Codefi Activate and the Ethereum Foundation’s Eth2 Launch Pad, now in testnet phase, is designed for self-validators who intend to stake…

SKALE Token to Launch on Codefi Activate on August 17th, 2020

SKALE Network’s SKALE token (SKL) will be available for purchase through a 3-day Dutch auction on the platform on August 17th, 2020 at…

Teku Ethereum 2.0 Client: Request for Proposals

In preparation for launch, PegaSys Teku is now seeking an external security assessment of the Teku Ethereum 2.0 codebase.

New Ethereum DeFi Report: The Rise of Wrapped Bitcoin, ETH Insurance, and Yield Farming

Download our latest report on the biggest trends in decentralized finance.

Say Hello to the ConsenSys Discord

Jump into our new server and build alongside the top teams in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Ethereum Smart Contract Security Recommendations

10+ smart contract security patterns to follow when you’re building on Ethereum.

Ethereum by the Numbers — June 2020

The latest stats from the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem, including network growth, dapp adoption, developer activity, DeFi trends, and…

Major Financial Clearinghouse Is Exploring Ethereum for Digital Asset Management

The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation’s new prototype leverages the Ethereum blockchain to streamline capital markets activity.


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