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Shawn Lee

Inspired by nature, music, and the potential of human imagination.


Growth marketer


Marketing Manager — Constellation Labs

Latest Posts

Tachyon III: The Opportunity for Open Finance

Read more about open finance and why Tachyon III is focusing on building a better financial future.

Report: Global Markets Slowing Down, Crypto Gaining Strength

With BTC leading, read standout findings from Delphi Digital’s Quarterly Macro Outlook Report.

Ethereum Has 4x More Developers Than Any Other Crypto Ecosystem

Read the most important crypto insights from Electric Capital Developer Report.

Delphi Digital Explains 3 Aspects that Will Define Ethereum’s Future

Get the inside lane on the ideas Delphi Digital’s Tom Shaughnessy and Medio DeMarco are bringing to Ethereal Tel Aviv

New Territories Podcast — Ep 5: How to Deal with Blockchain Tokens in Relation to Equity…

Listen about the evolution of fundraising tools for blockchain startups.

The State of Stablecoins, 2019

With over 200 stablecoins to choose from, here’s all you need to know about one of the most active sectors in blockchain tech.

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance’s New Mainnet Initiative Bridges Permissioned and Public Blockchains

What the EEA’s technical working group means for blockchain, business, and interoperability

Find Out How Blockchain is Impacting Your Industry Right Now

Watch free ConsenSys Webinars on enterprise, commerce, supply chain and healthcare

Ethereal Scholarships Open Ethereal Summit Tel Aviv to All

Underrepresented groups in tech are invited to join the conversation at Ethereal Tel Aviv with free tickets!

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