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Shawn Lee

Inspired by nature, music, and the potential of human imagination.


Growth marketer


Marketing Manager — Constellation Labs

Riley Kim

recruiter for public relations & communications, reads doug coupland, listens to armin, watches dexter, likes white t-shirts

Latest Posts

ETH East: Tokyo Drifting through Japan Blockchain Week

Notes from Unblock Japan,, and the latest on Civil, Codefi, and decentralised finance.

Increasing Security with Blockchain Database Encryption via PegaSys Plus

In the run-up to launching the PegaSys Plus Ethereum client, the PegaSys team explains why enterprises need data encryption

Report: The Legal and Regulatory Framework of Blockchains and Smart Contracts

History shows that disruptive tech and the law always find each other in the end. EU Blockchain Observatory sees no reason why a similar…

Joe Lubin’s Full Speech from Devcon 5: How We Get to a Decentralized World Wide Web

The dangers of today’s Web, 3 milestones for blockchain, and a call for Ethereum developers

One Million Ethereum Developers: Five ConsenSys Announcements from Devcon 5

The latest from ConsenSys Grants, the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, MythX, Infura, Alethio, MetaMask, Bounties Network

Here’s How to Learn about Blockchain When You’re Not Technical

3 essential tips to get you up to speed on blockchain and decentralized technology

Best Practices for Running a Permissioned Blockchain Network in a Regulated Production Environment

Adhara’s 11 requirements for a blockchain client and why they chose Hyperledger Besu for their latest settlement solution

The State of Privacy on Ethereum

Evaluating the tradeoffs to achieve privacy on the Ethereum network.

ConsenSys Monthly Report — September 2019

Ethereum dapps, enterprise blockchain solutions, most popular articles, upcoming events, and more.

New Territories Podcast— Ep 8: SIM Swap — A Litigator’s Perspective

Litigation attorney Rebecca Rettig of FisherBroyles’ Litigation Department shares the fact pattern of SIM swapping.


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