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Aiai Garcia

Global Business Development & Intelligence for ConsenSys in Asia & the Pacific

Benjamin Siegel

Blockchain for Social Impact at ConsenSys. Talk to me about sports/politics/food/anything really. I just like talking.

Jose Caballer

Creative entrepreneur, designer, facilitator, amateur chef, meditation enthusiast

Shawn Lee

Inspired by nature, music, and the potential of human imagination.

Latest Posts

Examining the Proposed Validator Economics of Ethereum 2.0

Part One of a series unpacking Proof of Stake and the future of Ethereum

You Can Make Money on These 12 Live Ethereum Dapps Today — Here’s How…

Ethereum dapps are pioneering the way towards open finance and the future of work.

Exploring Ethereum 2.0 Design Goals

What are the principles shaping the development of Ethereum 2.0, Serenity? Where are the landmarks and constellations that will guide us?

The State of Blockchain Regulation, Policy, and Compliance in 2019.

A look back at 2018 and how we plan to make the best of 2019.

Deloitte: 95% of Companies Surveyed Are Investing in Blockchain Tech

And 20 other must-read stats from Deloitte’s new report on the blockchain industry

Announcing an Initiative to Make Crypto-Compliance Easier Through Community Support and Validation.

The Brooklyn Project and TruSet, with AirSwap, Gnosis, and Kyber, have launched a crypto-compliance initiative ending January 24th.

Ask These 3 Questions to Determine Your Blockchain Startup’s Metrics

And find out how to develop metrics that drive your decisions and your growth.

Welcome to the Fourth Industrial Revolution — 19 Blockchain Predictions for 2019

ConsenSys’ Andrew Keys on what the year ahead holds for blockchain, Ethereum, and decentralization.

The Thirdening: What You Need To Know

Block rewards will reduce from 3 ETH to 2 ETH after the Constantinople hard fork on January 16th. Here’s what’s happening and what it…

The Constantinople Hard Fork: What You Need to Know

On January 16th, the Constantinople hard fork of Ethereum is expected to happen. Here’s what’s happening and what it means.


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