The open source blockchain for business.

The Corda Team

The team behind Corda, the open source blockchain and smart contract platform built for business.

Mike Ward

I’m the head of product at R3 working feverishly on the future of blockchain with our product, Corda.

Joel Dudley

Developer relations @ Corda

Richard Brown

Chief Technology Officer, R3. See for more info.

Roger Willis

R3, Corda, DLT, CorDapp developer, Cash on ledger, electronic-money, central bank digital currency

Mike Hearn

My work blog: Lead Platform Engineer at R3 (my personal blog is at

Todd McDonald

Co-founder at R3

Eric McEvoy

Irish, family man, rottweiler owner & lover.

Daniel Newton

Software developer at r3. Opinions and views found are my own.

Catherine Rutter

Host of R3’s podcast, Life in the Fast Chain. Digital Media Specialist at R3. Hopefully I can make you laugh as much as I make myself laugh. Oh and #blockchain.

The R3 Team

R3 is an enterprise blockchain software firm working with a broad ecosystem of more than 300 members and partners across multiple industries. Visit

Latest Posts

Tokenized Securitization

15th September , 2008 Lehman Brothers filed for the largest bankruptcy in the history with around $1200 billion in debt. In the movie “The…

Introduction to Token SDK in Corda

Tokens have been very prevalent in the blockchain world and have been widely used for the transfer of value within blockchain networks…

Announcing the Corda Token SDK 1.0

A lot of you will be thinking, hang on, I’m already building out token solutions on Corda, Todd McDonald blogged about the Emergence of…

Saving transactions where only a subset of parties are signers

It took a while for me to think of a title that could summarise the contents of this post without becoming a full sentence itself. I think…

Decentralised Centralisation: Enterprise Blockchains in the Era of Cloud

How do you gain the benefits of the cloud without giving up control and power? Enterprise Blockchains like Corda are the key.

Corda 4.1 is now available!

The artifacts can be found on artifactory here with the code available on GitHub, as ever.

Preventing invalid spending of broadcasted states

Corda is super flexible and will allow you to put together the code needed to write many complex workflows. This flexibility does come…

Broadcasting a transaction to external organisations

There is a misconception that Corda cannot broadcast data across a network. This is simply wrong. In fact, Corda can send anything between…

R3’s Corda Drive on The Great Indian RoadShow

It’s May 2019, when blockchain technology has already achieved half of its potential wherein intellects have already diagnosed the great…

An incredible week of Corda India Road Show

After the success of public blockchains in the past few years, the world is now witnessing the need for blockchain platforms which is more…


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