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Michael Gasiorek

Founder, writer, nomad. CEO @ + EiR @ | Explore, learn, create, contribute | Former Editor-in-Chief @StartupGrind. Writes when provoked.

Latest Posts

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The award for “most fraudulent crypto exchange” goes to…

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Get your mind around the Internet of Vice

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Inside: reasonable approaches to valuing cryptocurrencies

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Can Crypto Ever Be Truly Decentralized?

The roadmap to achieving the improbable promise of blockchain

Unicorn Slayer

What’s So Great About Equity Anyway?

The ICO is Back: Meet Initial Exchange Offerings

ICOs (Initial Coin Offering) were born in 2016, had a golden age in 2017 and almost died in 2018, when majority of companies in late 2018…

Make Money Without Trading: 10 Crypto Exchange Affiliate Programs that Pay

Simple “sign up and share” programs to earn while incentivizing the adoption of digital currencies

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Predictions for 2019

Originally featured at at Blocktribune on December 23, 2018

6 Questions to ask a Crypto Fund

How to Properly Diligence Investors


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