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Romeo & Juliet is Not About Love

Shakespeare was into lust and teen angst centuries before everyone else

16 Writing Conferences in August 2020 — Most held online

While a good number of summer writing conferences have been rescheduled, many are going ahead as planned via online formats. You can still…

33 Calls for Submissions in August 2020 — Paying markets

There are more than two dozen calls for submissions in August. All of these are paying markets, and none charge submission fees. As always…

Yes, Adverbs *Are* Your Friends!

But not in the way you think …

How Did Jackie O Handle Writers?

Tina Brown, Vanity Fair, & the death of Fred Astaire

Four Painful Truths About Writing and Publishing a Book

You Will Probably Scream Like Hell

Don’t Just Type a Lot, Write a Lot!

We are “writers”, aren’t we?

6 UK Literary Agents Actively Seeking Crime Novels, Nonfiction, Literary Fiction, SF/F and more

Here are six UK agents actively seeking writers. Simon Targett’s interests stretch across a wide range of non-fiction as well as…

Three Components of a Great Headline

Readability, ‘findability’, and sentiment can make your headline stand out


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