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Sweet Friendship Lies

A Poem on Lost Friendship

5 New Literary Agents Seeking Historical, Commercial, Literary Fiction, YA, Kidlit, Narrative…

Here are five new agents actively building their client lists. Olivia Maidment is seeking historical, commercial, crime, and reading group…

2021 New Year’s Resolution for Writers: Read

Every new year I make a writing resolution. In past years, I have resolved to begin projects and to finish them. I’ve resolved to write…

CASE Act — Copyright Protection For Creatives

A new bill was passed that allows creatives to protect their work from copyright infringement without making it a federal case.

Days Numbered, Night Words

When the words come, I think them cliché The good ones feel like that at first like this bit about MY DAYS

42 Writing Contests in January 2021 — No entry fees

This January there are more than three dozen writing contests calling for every genre and form, from poetry, to creative nonfiction, to…

7 Great Writing Conferences in January 2021

The new year kicks off with seven great conferences for writers. These conferences offer everything from intensive workshops and panels…

The Day Before

We were lost before we knew it/ social distancing put words to our fear / the other distances magnified /phone calls, fist bumps, fast…

private passion

by kels

4 New Agents Seeking Fantasy, YA, Horror, Memoir, Fiction, Nonfiction, Kidlit and more

Here are four new agents actively building their client lists. Elle Thompson is interested in a wide variety of genres within YA and Adult…


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