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1920s & The Great Depression poems

It’s 5th of March, 1925, New York City. The city is full of smoke. You can hear people singing in the streets while you’re walking into a…

Writing as a Tool for Thinking

The process of writing can be a powerful tool to help you explore, articulate, and refine ideas.

25 Writing Conferences in June 2020

Summertime is for writing conferences. In spite of the pandemic, quite a few are still being held live, while others have moved to an…

Watch the Watch

You’re right. I am expecting you, dear reader, to empathize with the kind of human iniquity you are about to witness. Each of us is, after…

Writing Plan? No. Story Bible? Yes!

Everyone says to write a plan, guide, or outline, but what should they include?

Royal Curse

Poem about 2020’s Public Enemy №1

My Poems Do Not Exist Until You Read Them

You have a key  to my dazed awakenings to sleepless nights  musk-laden with ink  As I sit here on a long table wrapped in a quilt of…

5 Writing Tips from an English Major

You can take my word for it.

6 Poems Wandering the Writer’s Road

Through mountains high and valleys low, the writer’s road isn’t an easy one.


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