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30 Writing Contests in August 2019 — No entry fees

There are over two dozen contests in August for short stories, poetry, essays, scripts, and books in every genre. None charge entry fees…

3 UK Agents Seeking Kidlit, Literary Fiction, Memoir, Nonfiction and more

Here are three UK agents building their client lists. Tessa David is looking for adult fiction, children’s fiction and nonfiction. Rory…

5 Paying Markets for Short Historical Fiction and Western Short Stories

Westerns were all the rage in the 1920s and 30s. Zane Grey and Louis L’Amour wrote dozens of books featuring rugged gun slinging cowboys…

More Past Than Future

Backward glances, whispered voices, movies in my brain at night, scenes of how we lived our lives, echoes of what might have been.

Goodnight D*ck

A poem told somewhat in the style of Goodnight Moon

The River Sang To Me

The river rose softly in the night,  lapped at the threshold of my bedroom,  sighed deeply as it departed.

12 Literary Journals That Publish Multiple Genres — Paying markets

If you write genre fiction, here are a dozen literary magazines that will pay for your work. Some also accept poetry and nonfiction. There…

The Half-hearted Diarist

A Self-Critical Take on Journaling

They Fell Away

they fell away in time

How to Write Love Stories, from a Shipper

The three fundamentals of nailing romance in fiction.


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