Publications tagged `PUBLISHING`
Name Followers
The Writing Cooperative A writing community and publication focused on helping each other write better. 173,703
Curiosity Never Killed the Writer Collecting words, phrases, pops of poetry, and all things about writing. Refer to our guidelines for submitting. 45,930
Monday Note Media, Tech, Business Models viewed from Palo Alto and Paris 20,790
The Correspondent The Correspondent is a movement for radically different news. Founded in Amsterdam, now bringing our ad-free, member-funded, collaborative journalism to the English language. 3,969
Writers Guild Hone your craft. Share your story. 3,318
The NW Pub A good story, well told, can change the world. Ninja Writers are changing the world. 700
Center for Cooperative Media An initiative of the School of Communication at Montclair State University 665
Coffee House Writers We are a team of dedicated writers who want to share our work with the world. 628
Electronic Sound The electronic music magazine, find us at 606
Simplecast Say hello to the modern podcast hosting and analytics platform. For over 6 years Simplecast has remained the easiest way for podcasters to publish audio to the world . 547
What's New in Publishing A single destination for independent publishing businesses looking for news, advice and education 425
Great Writing Tips To write for “Great Writing Tips,” email me at 369
Page Count Explorations into the writer’s livelihood. We’re taking the red pen to the idea that art and money have nothing to do with each other. 353
Journey Group Exploring the practical, daily questions we encounter in the world of editorial design. 337
2K/STORIES Stories about innovation, design, typesetting, publishing and development 71