Data, Tech and The Universe

I have a Podcast called— Data, Tech and The Universe. In this podcast I discuss the real-life manifestation of the data and technology around us. And a bit about Universe. Listen to the podcast at via any of your Podcast apps

Abinash Chakraborty

Making Sense Out of Reality

Latest Posts

Google Stadia — Subscription Model, Founders Edition and Launch Dates

Google Stadia is the next big thing — the Netflix of Console Gaming

Techno-Optimism — A Justification For the uber-Techno Future

On the unreasonable fears of Conservatives about Technology

WWDC 2019 — The Year of Apple’s Privacy Focus

And the year of iOS 13, macOS Catalina, an iPadOS and a new Mac Pro.

Apple’s push towards Web Browsing Privacy — Privacy Preserving Ad Click Attribution

WebKit, the browser engine on which Apple’s Safari runs, announced an API called Privacy Preserving Ad Click Attribution.

Pixel 3a — A phone for No One?

The fact that Google was launching Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL was no secret. With numerous leaks, almost every aspect of the phones were…

Google Announces Stadia — It’s Cloud Gaming Platform

At the GDC 2019, Google has unveiled its cloud gaming service — Stadia.

“Scientists have managed to ‘reverse’ time using a quantum computer” — No, that did not happen

On 13th March, a group of scientists from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Argonne National Laboratory and ETH Zurich…

“Fake News” — The Information Disorder

Internet has made the world a global village. It was supposed to do that — it was supposed to amplify human potential. However, along with…

Data Privacy — What is it that you’re losing?

Data privacy has become huge concern among users of all sorts of products and services. It seems only recently, that most of us have…


This publication is fundamentally about Data and the technologies emerging with data as their backbones.


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